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General Insurance


Car Insurance

  • Casco Insurance

    “Partial casco” - covers loses in cases of :fires, caused by the explosion of the vehicle, thunder/lightning, explosion, implosion, thunderstorm, hurricane, hails, rain, floods, damages from inland waters or sea waves, damages of transferring installations / water, sewerage, steam and others /, falling or crashes with flying objects or objects from them, damages of crashes with movable objects or other vehicles, fallen hard bodies or objects, shortages in the electric circuits, explosions in the fuel tank, falling down or turning, intentional actions of third persons, that lead to breaking, knocking off, scratching, pouring with chemicals, damages from persons and objects in the vehicle in cases of emergency, due to force major reasons, suddenly opened doors or lids when moving, chemicals over the vehicle, fires, not in time of the exploitation, excluding intentional fires, caused by abusive actions of third persons.

    “Full casco” - covers the partial casco risks and theft of the vehicle, burglary by breaking the windows and the additional motor equipment, theft of single details or parts, established by the authorized control organs after the stolen vehicle is found, abusive actions of third persons, explosive devices, intentional fires, terrorism.

  • Civil liability insurance

    This insurance covers the civil liability of the insured civil and legal persons, connected to the possession and/or the use of motor vehicles for the responsibility by them for caused to third person property and other damages. It is applied to the cases when the insured person is responsible for the caused damages. It is obligatory for all the owners of vehicles, registered in Bulgaria, that is in current use. It must be owned by every person, that appears as a driver in entering the Republic Of Bulgaria, when a valid for the country insurance is missing.

  • Green card

    Insurance coverage and limits of responsibility - The insurer provides insurance coverage of the owners, users, holders and the authorized by them drivers for the property and other damages, caused by them to third persons, connected to the possession and use of the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, the spouse and the straight line relatives to the second degree are not considered third persons. The insurer covers refunds and fees up to the minimal limits of responsibility, applied by the local insurance agents, according to the laws, related to the obligatory insurance to the owners, users, holders and the authorized by them drivers in the visited country, on the territory of which the incident has happened. The Green card doesn’t cover any cargo responsibilities.

    Territory - The policy is valid on the territory of the countries - members of international"green card visa" agreement (All countries are showed in the"green card" on official codes certificate /cuts, undertaken by UN,), with exception of the territory of Bulgaria. The policy is valid on the territories as well on the customs connections between Switzerland and Lichtenstein, italy and San Marino, Italy and the Vatican, France and Monaco, Uk and the Channel Islands, The Isle of Man and Gibraltar.

    Insurance period - It can be concluded for a period From 15 days,1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months :. According to the conditions of the international"green card" agreement, the continuousness on the insurance period cannot be less than fifteen consecutive days.

    Insurance Premium - The number of the Premium is determined by the insurer on a base of used rate in euroand it is being paid in BGN at the fixing rate of BNB for the day in which the policy is being taken. Installment payment of the insurance premium is being used only at taking"green card" on period policy for one year. The installment plants are provided in 2 or 4 installments.

    Insurance becomes effective - The insurance contract enters in effect after paying the insurance merit pay and issuing valid insurance policy and "green card visa" certificate for her.


Property Insurance

  • Fires and natural disasters/ car drivers

    Main Risks: fires, lighnings, explosions, crashing or falling of a piloted flying object on its own or in combination with

    Additional Risks: Arson, natural disasters( storms, hails, rains, floods, snow or ice damages, freeze) earthquakes, water or steam leaks, strikes or civil riots, implosion, landslides, inland waters and sea waves, crash damages, damages by loading or unloading appliances, breaking of windows, shop windows, advertising signs, abuse by third persons, damages by the change of the address, military risks, sound/hit wave, civil liability of the insured for caused to third persons material damage from insured property, expenses to decrease the size of the harms

  • Residential Houses and Home Property

    The risks covered are fires (including the consequences by the extinguishing of the fire), explosions of high-pressure utensils, natural disasters – storms, hurricanes, floods, falling trees and branches, sewerage failures, abusive actions from third persons (acts of vandalism), car crashes or plane crashes, falling main parts or cargo.

  • Industrial fire

    The policy is intended for relatively big objects. An object is of the policy the immovable and transferable-property that is a possession Or which the insured takes Responsibility of . At mortgaged or pawned Property The policy can be taken out in benefit of the bank creditor as well

  • Electronic Equipment

    Used for trading or industrial purposes, against material losses, damages or expenses, caused by unexpected and unforeseen events, acts of human abuse, unqualified use of the insured property, third persons abusive acts, burglary or robbery, fires, natural disasters, technological mistakes in the construction, material defects, production misplacements, extra tension.

  • Theft

    Objects of insurance against “Burglary” by itself or in combination with Vandalism and Armed Robbery can be properties, that have already been insured by Industrial Fire or Fire and other Dangers insurances, as long term material assets, storehouse supplies, equipment, kitchen electric appliances, house electronics. In addition, other things that can be insured are: noble metals, monetary documents, samples, exhibition samples, objects of historical and art importance, articles of art, unique objects and others.

    Burglary is the act of taking of the insured property from the insured without his agreement , illegal appropriation by performance of house breaking. Vandalism is available when the performer has penetrated to the place of the insurance by breaking in and has destroyed or damaged the insured property on purpose.

    Armed Robbery is available when during the act of the illegal taking, the performer uses force or threat to exclude any resistance from the insured.

  • Transport of Collections

    The insurance is aimed at legal persons, whose activities demand transportation of cash (banks, financial-brokers houses, exchange bureaus, collecting). The subject of the insurance are the monetary resources, that belong or for which the insured person carries responsibility for the time of their transportation from cash desk to cash desk.


Insurance accidents


  • Accidents /Group or Individual/

    It compensates the insured in case of the following risks- death by accidents, permanent lack of abilities to work by accident, temporary lack of abilities to work by accident, medical expenses from the accident

  • Students accident

    It covers: death by accidents, permanent lack of abilities to work by accident, temporary lack of abilities to work by accident, permanent lack of abilities to work by acute diseases, temporary lack of abilities to work by infection diseases, that last for over than 14 days

  • Accident for bank credits

    It applies to civil persons, who have acquired bank credits against the risk- death by accident. The subject of the insurance is payment back of a refund to the bank-creditor, as the insured sum total is the one of the acquired credit.

  • Accidents for tourists and guests

    It is aimed at foreigners, organized tourists from their point of entry in Republic Of Bulgaria to the point of departure from the country. The covered risks are: Death or permanent lack of abilities to work by accident, medical expenses by accident, saving expenses, repatriation expenses, theft/loss of luggage, personal responsibility for damages to third persons


Farming Insurance

  • Insurance Of Agro- cultures

    It insures the crop of agro-cultures and fruit, vegetable, rose and mulberry gardens, vineyards, strawberries, raspberries, hips, blackberry, fruit seed beds, common balms, seedbeds, medical plants, cassis, hops, flowers for seeds and sale, cultures for hothouses, decoration plants, newly planted lasting cultures – fruit, strawberries, raspberries, cassis, roses, lavender, hops and vineyard, covers amount damages to the crop due to rain, hails, storms, fires, floods, late spring or early autumn ground frost, freeze and withdrawal of winter grain cultures, damages by falling flying machines. When decorative plants and newly planted lasting cultures are insured, the covered risks are hails, storms and fire by the corn.

  • Insurance of animals, birds, fish and beehives

    It insures bulls, ox, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs, birds, fish and bee-hives. The birds and the animals are insured against death and slaughter by necessity, that resulted by fire, natural disasters, accidents, infection and non-infection diseases. Additional risk is covered with the cows and the buffalo cows – covering of damages by expected and lost milk production. The fish is insured against death by natural disasters, diseases, abusive actions of third persons /blowing of dams and poisoning/.Bees are insured against death by natural disasters, diseases, fires, wild animals ,and against being sprayed by plant defensive chemicals. The covered risks with the dogs are death in case of infection and non infection diseases, medical expenses at held treatment, burglary and death as a result of plastic surgery.


Guarantee Insurances

  • Guarantees / Guardianship

    It is aimed at banks and it covers the responsibility of a Bulgarian legal person, carried out in connection with his guarantees for performance of duties by other Bulgarian legal persons.


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